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5 Advantages of Using Gondolas For Your Retail Shop

Whether you have a new retail shop or you are planning to revamp your current shop premises to make it more attractive to your customers, you would need a display system that is not only effective, but will also maximize your floor space. One of the most reliable forms of shelving structures is the gondola shelving system.

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Why should I choose gondola shelves?

A gondola shelf is a very versatile form of merchandising. Here are five advantages of using this form of shelving to help you understand this setup more:

The gondola shelf system is one of the safest shelving options

It does not make use of four posts located at the corners to stand upright seen with typical setups ; the heavy construction T-shaped uprights located in the middle of a double sided bay keep the shelf structure standing firmly in place, with good clearance underneath the bases for hygiene purposes. For this reason, it adheres to the health and safety regulations. When an inspector comes in to check your shop, you won’t have any issues.


It fits almost any shop space

Whether you only have a limited area to work with or hundreds of square metres of shop space, gondola shelving systems from Shop Shelving are the right choice for your shop environment. It has a modular design, which means you can add or easily reduce the number of upper shelf levels as required. If your shop is on the smaller side, you can use both double sided and single sided gondolas in the narrow aisle designs. This way, you will be utilizing the wall space and the center space, with only the right amount of gap between the shelves for chemists’ foot traffic.

Small grocery shops and mixed businesses can make use of mesh back gondolas as they are not only economical, they are also very versatile and robust enough to take bulky loads you’d find in a typical convenience shop or suburban petrol stations.


You can maximize the shelf space

Gondola shelving accessories, although sturdy when attached to the pegboard or slatwall, can easily be removed. This means you can adjust the shelf space as necessary. This makes for a very efficient display system, especially for chemists who need to easily and quickly access the products for their customers. The best types of metal gondola shelf systems for pharmacies are either the metal flat pegboard or as some retailers prefer a modern feel of the MDF slatwall in a popular white matt melamine finish. Slatwalls can make use of floating shelves supported with minimal brackets, this system is a lot more multipurpose as the slat panels take a wide range of different types of specialized acrylic bins, metal fixtures and fittings. Applying the most suitable fixtures give goods maximum exposure which makes it more efficient easier for clients to find and reach out for the right product.


You can easily change the shelving as well as the hooks depending on the products

If you have a wide variety of products to display, you can easily change the design of your retail display gondolas. This is very useful for convenience shops and service stations. These types of shops can make use of the flat metal pegboard or the volcano metal pegboard. For instance, do you have products in boxes? You can use metal flat front gondola shelves to place your stocks. Do you have products in small bags? You can use an angled shelf with wire front fences. Do you need to hang some of your products? Use an assortment of different metal hooks on pegboards. You can space these shelves and hooks depending on the size and height of the products you want to put on display.


You can effortlessly provide product info and discount promotions

Flat data strips can easily be attached at the front face of the metal shelves. These data strips must be placed right in front of every product to show pricing for your customer, and also for restocking purposes. You can clip on hanging data strips in case you are using wire mesh baskets to present pricing for your products.

Whatever your choice of gondola shelving, you can be confident that the end result would be a professional looking retail shop. Gondola shelving prices depend on the type you choose, as well as the accessories you want to include. Remember, it’s not only the quality of the product that sells it, but also how it is presented to the customer.

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