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Benefits of Single Sided Wall Bays

Wall bays far more than a simple backdrop. Wall bay design is one of the fundamentals of creating your desired retail environment. Used effectively, they’re extremely valuable areas of real estate on your premises with the ability to enhance the overall atmosphere, prominently promote individual products or offers, and bring real life and vibrancy to your entire shop display.

One of the major advantages of single sided wall bays is their flexibility.  Dublin based Cleary Shop Shelving Solutions can help you exploit this flexibility, perhaps introducing interactive displays to these areas, or integrating with displays you’re featuring at the point of purchase. Using the latest visual merchandising tools and techniques, you can create an overall in-store solutions via your wall bays, in which customers are encouraged to engage with individual brands or themes.

Wall Bay Shelving Dublin Ireland

The first step in any project is always the objectives of your business. What do you hope to achieve with your wall bays and how will they fit with the display plans proposed for the rest of your premises? Finding a balance between the prominence of the many different elements of your shop environment is critical. You want to lead eyes (and wallets) in the right directions throughout your premises, but you also want to ensure the customer experience is as comfortable, convenient and appealing as possible. It’s this balance that means a first-time customer becomes a loyal, repeat customer, after all.

Retail Shelving Wall Bays

Wall bay displays are ideal for retailers who don’t want to attach permanent fittings to the walls of their shop.

Wall bays are particularly versatile and can be used for a large variety of different items. The uprights on the wall displays with a metal back panel allow for fittings to be changed without the use of tools.

A versatile, modular system. our retail shelving wall units are easy to assemble and built to last.

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