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Clothes & Garments – Hanging Rail Shop Shelving

Specifically designed for storing clothing, bags, belts and other similar items in high quantities, our garment hanging rails are commercial clothing racks designed to improve the efficiency of your retail shop, stockroom, cloakroom and warehouse storage.

Designed to streamline and enhance your storage systems, these hanging rails combine the benefits of making it easy to identify items and minimising any wrinkling and deformation of those items. This winning combination of efficiency and efficacy is just one reason these hanging garment rails are renowned as a simple, elegant storage solution for retail stockrooms and warehouses.

Clothes Garment Rails Dublin Ireland

If you are a clothing retailer, you need to think carefully about how you display items of clothing in your store. If clothes don’t look attractive on display, people are unlikely to want to buy them. Clothing racks are great for showcasing both men’s and women’s clothing in a way that’s easy for both shopper and shopkeeper, keeping garments looking good and fresh without taking up a great deal of space.

Here are some of the main benefits of garment racks.

They keep stock organised

Racks are an effective way of displaying and segregating stock so that things are easy for shoppers and retailers to find. Items can be arranged according to size, colour, branding, etc. and there are specialised racks available which give you the opportunity to sub-divide items and be more creative with displays.

They are browser-friendly

Racks are at the perfect height for shoppers and they allow customers to slide through whole rows of garments in super-quick time. None of this taking goods from shelves and then having to worry about folding them correctly to return them into place.  Another great benefit is that clothing doesn’t get creased so can be sold to the customer as ‘ready-to-wear’.

They are a good use of space

Considering their size, clothes racks can hold a great deal and so are a fantastic way of being economical with the use of space in your store. Even small shop spaces can usually hold at least half a dozen or so good-sized racks, so even small traders and market traders can have a lot of merchandise on display in a small area. The racks are sturdy and are designed to withstand ample weight over a long period of time.

They are cost effective

Because they are capable of holding and displaying such a large amount of produce, these units are a good investment for all kinds of clothing store from designer boutiques to charity stores.

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