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Shop shelving garment wall bays are a  neat way of incorporating a garment display into your usual run of wall shelving.

Our garment hanging wall bays are specifically designed to provide high density storage for clothing in retail stockrooms and warehouses. As well as increasing storage capacity, hanging garments can also ensure that goods are easily identifiable and accessible, improving the efficiency of stockroom and warehouse tasks, while minimising wrinkles and deformation in certain items of clothing.

Clothes Garment Rails Dublin Ireland

An organised clothes shop or boutique entices people to come in. When people walk by your shop or immediately step in through the doors, their first impression is the organisation and layout of your shop. They notice if it’s clean, well maintained, and organised and they also notice if it’s distraught, messy, and chaotic.

This reaction is almost immediate. Within just a few seconds, a shopper can tell if they want to continue into your store. This first impression will either entice people to continue shopping or turn right around and never come back.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your shop well organised. If you’re not on top of it, then you’re sending shoppers away and losing out on potential business.

To organise your store effectively, you should use a variety of different clothing racks. Wall mounted clothing racks free up floor space in your store and keep it looking clean and organised. You can use these clothing racks not only to display featured items but to store different colors and sizes. A wall mounted clothes rack that faces out will display featured garments while a hang-bar can store different sizes, colors, or less popular items that people can easily browse through.

Clothes & Garment Rails are the perfect tool for displaying and storing clothing and accessories. Hanging garments not only creates a clean and tidy space, but also prevents wrinkles and creases; customers can easily view all the items on display and quickly grab the item they’re looking for.

Well placed clothing racks will lead shoppers through your shop. Just in the same way that fixtures placed in the front of your shop and in display windows entice people to enter, so will properly placed wall racks.

The best way to do this is to use wall mounted clothing racks towards the back of your shop. An eye-catching display along with popular items on the back wall, or even on the sides, will help to draw people further into your shop.

The advantage of using wall mounted racks for this purpose are three fold:

  • They’re space efficient, they can be placed higher to catch customer attention at eye level and above, and they can display clothing face out to attract customers.
  • A combination of face-out and hang-bars make it easy to attract customers and allow them to browse for their respective size.

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