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Retail Shelving Mistakes That Cost Retailers Money

Shelving is such a basic part of your retail image that it’s easy to forget about it while you focus on other things. When customers walk through your retail store, they might not think to themselves “Hmmm…now there’s a shelving error”, but they do notice, at least subconsciously, when something’s not right.

Shelving errors can cost you in sales and customer loyalty. Since we know you want to provide the best experience for everyone that walks through your door, here’s a list of seven shelving mistakes you want to avoid at all costs.

Mistake #1: Letting Maintenance Slide

The quality of the merchandise you carry means nothing if your retail shelving units are dusty, dirty or just lacking general upkeep and maintenance. Customers expect retail stores to have a certain level of pride in their merchandise and how they present it. Dirty or broken shelving is an instant turn off, no matter what’s on them.

Mistake #2: Retail Shop Fixtures That Are Too Eclectic

A single wooden display can stand out beautifully in a retail shop where the other fixtures are metal or plastic. Mixing it up a little isn’t a bad thing, if it’s done with a purpose. However, random shelving and mixed materials that are placed haphazardly tell customers that you aren’t quite sure of your brand image, or you just don’t care enough to put in the effort.

Mistake #3: Retail Displays That Don’t Match Your Brand

There’s a reason that you don’t see many boutique style, wood finished shelving fixtures in auto part businesses.  When a customer walks into your retail shop,  they already have a visual expectation. Retail display cases and shelving should align with your merchandise and brand, otherwise it just leaves customers confused.

Mistake #4: You’re Out of Touch

There’s a misconception that tall retail wall shelving helps to maximise retail shop space. While you might get more product onto the floor, tall shelves leave too much merchandise inaccessible for customers. If it’s a choice between finding an employee to help fetch an item or just leave without it, chances are you’re going to lose the sale. Retail fixtures should be built with a focus on merchandising product at eye level, so customers can shop easily.

Mistake #5: Poor Signage

The occasional pricing error or random product misplacement are inevitable. However, merchandising errors like retail shop fixtures that are too cluttered or not designed to fit the merchandise can make pricing and signage errors more common than the average customer wants to deal with.

Mistake #6: Chaos

it isn’t enough to just get some product out on the shelves. The art of retail merchandising requires planning so that product placement is optimised for sales. Chaotic product placement makes it hard to shop, and thus spend money, in your retail shop. 

Mistake #7: Poorly Installed Retail Fixtures

A lack of attention to detail during installation can end up costing you more money, and possibly your reputation. Poorly installed fixtures are more likely to break due to improper use, plus they present a major safety hazard for your customers. Take the time to make sure all your shop fixtures are secure and installed correctly.

Quality Retail Shelving Is Never a Mistake

The first step to avoiding these seven shelving mistakes is starting with expertly crafted fixtures that bring all your retail display ideas to life. Contact Cleary Shop Shelving Solutions based in Dublin, Ireland, today and let us introduce you to retail merchandising solutions that will elevate your image and help build the reputation that you deserve.

At Cleary Shop Shelving Solutions based in Dublin, Ireland, we supply various retail shops with their grocery shelving country wide.  

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