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Behind every great retail store is great retail shelving. Shelving that has been precision engineered by retail shelving experts.

Shelving that holds your goods and displays them to maximum effect. 

Shelving that helps you to serve your customers. 

When it comes to shelving, you need the experts. Cleary Installations Retail Shop Shelving Solutions have a wide variety of shop shelving to suit your needs.

At Cleary Installations Retail Shop Shelving Solutions, we know that no two customers are the same, from shopfitters to retailers and designers, everyone has different needs. We promise to listen to what you need and help make the task of buying retail shelving as simple as possible.

Contact us by phone, text, email or our contact form  and let us know what you shelving query is and one of our highly skilled team will discuss your needs.

While it might not seem so, the retail shelving you use in your shop has a major impact on your success. The right type of shelving can see you selling heaps of product and making a healthy profit month in and month out. The wrong type of shelving, however, can severely damage your business.

And it’s not just your monthly sales or profits that it affects. The wrong shelving can also affect the overall reputation of your shop and have an impact on whether or not customers want to shop in your stores.

When you have the wrong type of retail shelving for your products

There are many different types of retail shelving that you can use in your stores. There are your dump displays (dump bins), rolling racks, and F-Stack displays. There are your gondolas, wire shelving, and pegboards. There are pallet racks and G Cut-case displays and end caps. We could go on.

Considering the many options available to you, it doesn’t mean you need to include them all. Rather, you need to choose the shelving that best suits your particular type of shop. Imagine, for example, you’re a high-end clothing retailer. Your customer will expect a certain quality when they come into your clothing shop. And this expectation is not just around your product. Your shelves also need to be aesthetically appealing.

You’re thus not going to use a dump bin – commonly used for reduced stock – in your store because it will give off the completely wrong image. In this instant – garment rail bays would be a better option. 

Remember, the point of shelving is to present your product in such a way that your customers want to buy your goods. Even spend more than they had initially intended when walking into your stores. That’s not going to happen if you choose the wrong shelving.

How do you fix it?

One way of fixing this is to consider your products first and understand their unique selling point. That is, ask yourself what is the most attractive feature of your product. Once you have this in mind, you can go about looking at which shelving will complement that feature.

For example, if you’re selling seasonal products or have a range that is regularly reduced, a dump display will work well. If, on the other hand, you have products that are best displayed when hanging, a pegboard would be best.

At Cleary Shop Shelving Solutions based in Dublin, Ireland, we supply various retail shops with  shelving country wide. 

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