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Retail Space Planning: Choosing the Right Shop Fittings is Key

Choosing shop fittings is not just a simple matter of utility. The retail display solutions you select communicate a great deal to every potential customer who walks through the door. In short, they do more than just display your products. They create an impression.

Thus, the first question you should consider when it comes to retail display solutions is this: what kind of impression do you want to create? If, for example, you were trying to create a refined and exclusive atmosphere, your choice of shop fitting and shelving would be much different than if you were aiming for a more casual, home-like environment.

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Beyond deciding on a “mood” for your retail shop and narrowing your search for retail display solutions accordingly, here are four other important considerations to make:

  • Branding and color scheme. It may seem like a foregone conclusion that your retail display solutions should match your company’s branding objectives and official color scheme, but in reality, this is something that shop owners — particularly first-time small business owners — routinely overlook. In the case of pharmacies, it’s also essential that you choose shop fittings that impart a sense of cleanliness, order and organisation — consumers expect that of businesses with affiliations to the healthcare industry.

  • Available styles. Beyond standard options — shelves, cabinets and modular racks — you can also create a customised solution that maximises available floor space and offers an inviting, creative take on retail displays that will catch the eye of everyone who walks through the door.

  • Product exposure. Product accessibility and visibility are the two most important considerations to make in this regard, but you should also remember that maximising product exposure can lead to boosted sales totals. 

  • Theft reduction. Asset protection is another major factor to consider when it comes to retail display solutions. Expensive items and items which tend to attract the attention of shoplifters should be housed in display cases with added security features.

  • Versatility and practicality. If you run a retail business that has a lot of product turnover, you should also evaluate how well a given shop fitting will meet the changing display needs of your business. For example, if you own a clothing store, you know that you’re going to be getting new merchandise in every season. Thus, it’s essential that you choose retail display solutions that are every bit as practical for displaying summer clothing as it is for showing off your winter wear.

By using these strategies to guide your selection of retail display solutions, you will be able to project a unified image for your business that will inspire confidence in your customers, all while creating an attractive, easily accessible presentation of your products. Shop fittings have a profound effect on the way your store is perceived, so take the time to carefully research your options and invest in the solutions that are right for your retail business.

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