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Types of Retail Shop Shelving

Shop shelving is one of the most important part of shop fitting because the shelves are the place where your products are displayed an in order to increase the number of your clients it is important to display in the best possible way.

The retail shop shelving needs to be durable, adaptable and also affordable so the shelving should be of the best quality and it should be very suitable to the product that you are displaying. Different types of products need different types of shelves in order to display the products in the best possible way.

There is a wide range of retail shop shelving available in the market and some of the types are as following:

  • Wall shelving
  • End bays
  • Corner bays
  • Pegboard shelving
  • Freestanding shelving
  • Magazine shelving
  • Refrigerated shelving units
  • Stacking wire baskets
  • Dump bins
  • Warehouse shelving
  • Shop shelving accessories

Wall shelving:

Wall shelving is the most traditional way and option for displaying a large stock of books. With this type of shelving you do not need to hang a single shelf on the wall but multiple shelves can be used and this will provide more than enough storage space especially when it comes to objects that are heavy and big. These shelves do not just give a nice and neat look but are also strong and durable. If you want to save space then this is the best option for you and different materials used for shop shelving: like wood, steel or even glass.


End bays:

The end bays shelving is also known as the promo end bays and they sit at the right angles at the end of the shelving run. This shelving is very suitable for shops which opt to display their items traditionally and where the customers expect the sale items or the seasonal products or the clearance products. The thing that makes the end bays different from promo end bays is the inclusion of back panels on the back end of the unit which helps in keeping the products from falling down and they provide a very neat and tidy appearance from the behind and makes the back of the unit visible to the customers. They are available in wide range of configuration either with upper shelves or pegboard or slatwall retail shopfitting services.


Pegboard shelving:

These shelves consists of a base shelf and a heavy duty panel which has perforated back panels. Pegboard hooks are used in order to create a display of hanging space in the shop. These shelves are very versatile as there are various lengths of peg hooks according to the product which needs to be displayed. These shelves are very popular among the pound shops and hardware stores.


Freestanding shelving:

These shelves are used very commonly in stores in order to display all the different types of products. They are made up of different materials like stainless steel or wood. The stainless steel ones are more durable and strong enough to hold heavy objects easily. They even have tires sometimes which can come in handy when it needs to be moved.


Magazine shelving:

These shelves are found commonly in book stores an also in stores. They are mostly made up of wood and the magazines are displayed in a way that customers are able to look at all the variety available.


Refrigerated shelving units:

These refrigerated shelving units are found in food establishments or stores. They are mostly made up of stainless steel as they are more durable. The display refrigerated shelving units mostly have glass fronts which allow an unobstructed view of the products inside.


Stacking wire baskets:

These wire baskets are used to carry different products and they are made up of stainless steel and they do not corrode at all.


Dump bins:

These are small and are mostly placed on the counters and small objects are displayed in them.


Warehouse shelving:

The warehouse shelving needs to be big and strong because they need to hold on large stocks of products.


Shop shelving accessories:

The accessories are important in order to make the shopping process easy and comfortable. The shelving of the shop should always be stocked to the right amount. Hire professional retail shopfitters to give the better look your store.


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